Consulting Services

Infection Control/Emerging Concepts has staff available to assist you in development of materials and programs to meet OSHA standards for bloodborne pathogens and tuberculosis.

Our staff can develop an Exposure Control Plan tailored to your office or review and comment on your completed plan. We are also available to conduct mock inspections of your office.

  • Exposure Control Plan development - specific to your workplace
  • Exposure Control Plan review to determine needed updates/revision  
  • On-site assessment for compliance with bloodborne pathogens and tuberculosis regulations/standards  
  • Development of a program specific to your needs  
  • Straight answers to questions on infection control/communicable disease issues  
  • Straight answers to questions regarding state and federal laws/regulations relating to infection control and disease issues  
  • Regulatory/legislative tracking services  
  • Risk assessments  
  • Assist with implementation of cost effective programs  
  • Practical application of infection control principles  
  • Infection Control aspects of Fire Station design
  • Addressing issues of ventilation, filtration, separation of clean/dirty, decontamination

In addition, we are available to perform mediation services for your work place disputes. We also conduct on-site training.

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New Book!

Infection Control Policies for Community Paramedicine MIH

In her new book, Infection Control Policies for Community Paramedicine & MIH, Katherine West explains how good infection control practices, vaccines and immunizations, cleaning and disinfection of equipment and work restriction guidelines can assist EMS providers and improve patient care. READ MORE

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